Angie's affirmations (volume 1) is a compilation of some of the affirmations I have shared on my Instagram stories (@vero_sparkles) between 2020 and 2022. This is my second published book.

This book is a wonderful tool for parents, teachers and librarians to raise their children knowing that they are good enough, they are worthy, and they've got this. Learning this from a young age can help them grow up to be confident and stable adults.
Affirmations are a powerful tool for working on your mindset, helping you embody that version of you that has already manifested your desires. You can use a variety of affirmations in multiple subjects, as they simply help you with shifting any belief that doesn't serve you whether it is about how you perceive yourself, your reality, or the possibilities available for you. This tool may also be used with children, to help them build that internal stability and self-worth from a young age.
When I started using affirmations, I had many, many post-its of probably about 30 affirmations that I would repeat to myself every morning. Once it felt like I already knew I was all those things I wrote, I moved on to new ones based on what I was manifesting in that moment. I currently have a list of about 10 affirmations I repeat to myself every morning.

Angie and Lion join you throughout this book. You may see Angie as an imaginary friend or a guardian angel right by your side, always rooting for you, along with her trusty pal Lion of course. May these affirmations help you on your journey, repeat them as often as you want for as long as it takes for them to feel like a reality within you.
Angie's Affirmation has gotten it's own Story Time at the Fulton County Northside Branch during the Women's History Month programming on March 13, 2023.