I'm an illustrator & graphic designer who loved climbing trees when little and wants to get back to roller skating 
My name is Veronica Parra. My passion is to create sweet, purposeful illustrations, and typographic designs. I like to gear these towards children and the young at heart. 
I do what I do because I want to share the joy on life, while doing something I love, and most importantly, helping kids maintain that spark that many forget about when they start growing up.
I am interested in highlighting wellness and self-care through designs that support introspection, self-knowledge and appreciation. I also enjoy working on stories and educational material. In the future, I see my character Angie in educational books for children (publishing), covering history, geography, biology and basically any subject you can think about.
If you'd like to contact me for work, feedback or just to say hi, please feel free to reach out at:
Thank you for stopping by, have a lovely day!