Well, hello there!
I am Veronica Parra, go by Vero for short. I am a graphic designer and illustrator *pops confetti* from Maracaibo, Venezuela (beautiful city in South America with amazing food!). Currently working in Atlanta as a Project Designer for a Wayfinding Signage consultant (and freelance illustrator when a fun project comes along).
My passion is to create beautiful hand-lettering designs and illustrations for children and the young at heart. I love working with branding and also dream to publish many many (children's) books. If you like my work and want to contact me or just give me some feedback, please feel free to do so, you will find my email in the "Contact me" section!
If you want to some prints just click in the Shop button and thank you for stopping by!​​​​​​​
Have a lovely day!
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